Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Martian Bear Day!

The red planet rises:

Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched) was one of my favorite games of last year. No surprise really since it came from one of my favorite design studios Double Fine. It is a shooter-tower defense hybrid that has more character than the average 5-6 games combined. Even better, its co-op is shit tons of fun to play. Martian Bear is the first paid DLC for Iron Brigade and I hope not the last. It is safe to say, that with my computer blown up at the moment some tubes are gonna die tonight.
Also on the XBLA front.  Bastion is the Xbox Deal of the week and is 50% off. I recently got this game and am about halfway through. The world is beautifully illustrated and well realized. Plus the narrator is just too fantastic to miss.  At $7.50 it is a steal of a game. I heartily recommend it.   

Finally, Double Fine also released today a new game for Kinect, Happy Action Theater. I don't have a Kinect so can't recommend it off of firsthand knowledge, but at this point I haven't met a Double Fine game I didn't like so I'm just going to stick it in the "must buy" column. If you have kids this game looks especially awesome.

Trailers for Bastion and Happy Action Theater below the break.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Game List

Just read this article on Joystiq.  I was already pretty interested in Kingdoms of Amalur, but calling it Secret of Mana plus Diablo II may have sealed the deal of it being a "must buy".   Sadly though I have a lot of must buys.   A lot that don't get played.  My life, like everybody's, is busy.

I try to squeeze in video games when I can but a lot fall to the wayside.   Some seem like they shouldn't be allowed to be forgotten.  So I'm creating a little blog list of upcoming games I want to play and games I've missed and hope to get cheaply.  I figure the list will help me remember and may inform some people of stuff they didn't know existed.

List is to the right.  I'll expand it and shrink it as I find, play, or remember, games.   If you have suggestions of your own put them in the comments section and I'll check them out.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


This article has tourettes.  You have been warned.

One month since my post on having completed no models in a year and I have now "completed" two.  Completed gets little quotey marks because they're not based.   They also don't have photos other that the half-assed ones I took at my painting table which you can see to the side.  Actually half-assed is probably the moral of these two guys.  Though it was intentional.  Lemme esplain.

The last year or so pretty much made me lose the fun of the hobby.   I got locked in a cycle that I could do hobby work or hobby hobby.  If I was doing hobby hobby that meant I wasn't doing hobby work and thus guilt would ensue.  If I was doing hobby work then it had to be "World Class Excellent #1 Accept No Substitutes blah, blah, blah" which is stressful.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Lentil & Sausage Stew

Well, I'm pretty much broke at the moment.   Which is not uncommon considering my cavalier spending habits.  One of the quickest ways to save myself a ton of money is my food budget.  Fortunately, one of my favorite food blogs happens to be the aptly named, Budget Bytes.  I've tried a handful of Beth's recipes over the months since I found her site and, in general, they've turned out quite nice.

We're starting to have cold nights here so I figured that it was time to break out some soup.   Soup tends to be super cheap and is one of my favorite categories of food anyway so I'm always eager to add an additional recipe to my repertoire.

I tried out her recipe for, Lentil & Sausage Stew and it turned out quite tasty.   For the most part I followed the recipe exactly, with my only change being that I used ground turkey instead of turkey Italian sausage.   The plain turkey was on sale and it was easy enough for me to season it to taste like the Italian sausage version.  I also added two extra cups of water about 2/3 of the way through since it was getting a bit dry as the lentils softened.

Like most soups it was super easy and made a ton.   Should save me a penny of two over buying lunch every day.  Yay, team.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Whelp, it's officially been 1 year and 5 days since I painted a model. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Anatomical Heart

This is the vasculature of an actual heart (porcine heart, identical to human heart). The blood is replaced by a plastic substance which fills all of the veins, capillaries, etc, then the heart is put into a solution that dissolves all the tissue, leaving this incredible detail of a heart.  via Rob Jones


Friday, June 17, 2011

Arnold Wages Shadow War

In a stunning turn of events it has been revealed that embattled former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was waging a shadow war for the very survival of the planet.  Immediately upon taking office he was thrust into brutal conflict against the enigmatic race know as Predators who had infiltrated the highest levels of California government.

While many consider his tenure as governor borderline disastrous this new evidence reveals that he, in fact, saved every one of our lives.  Even more amazing is the knowledge that he was denied the use of a machine gun, machete, or even Swiss army knife while maintaining his position.  Fortunately Arnold comes naturally equipped with guns of his own which he readily used in service to State and Country.

Any further attempts to belittle or call him a "goob" will obviously be met with derision and scorn for the perpetrator, who would do better to keep his whore mouth shut.